Saturday, 1 February 2014

Blessed and Happy ~ Happy and Blessed

This week's gospel passage is Matthew 5: 3-12, The Beatitudes. This is a loose reworking, which may speak to our present age...
there will be no full sermon this week as I am not preaching, but listening to our student share her reflections

When life makes you feel unworthy, the blessings of heaven will be yours
When your heart is breaking, the blessings of comfort are yours
When your fears hold you back, the blessing will be richly won
When the world ignores and betrays you, blessings come from unknown sources
When your hearts is moved to mercy, the blessing is returned
When your hearts is pure and innocent, the blessing is knowing God
When you are moved to see the best, sow seeds of peace and seek better ways, others will bless your heart
When others take advantage and see you as weak, God’s place for you is undisputed

And when people of faith are cursed and mistreated, and others speak out against them, be blessed and joyful, your troubles are shared by the company of heaven

Walking and talking and sharing the blessings: photo taken by Julie Woods 2009

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