Thursday, 27 February 2014

Midweek Musings

“Jesus drops all of the razzle dazzle glory to touch his disciples and to tell them to get up and not be afraid. And, isn’t that what he has been doing since birth? Shedding the bright lights and the glitter and coming to us in the flesh, in a touch…if you think about it, his touch brings us a handful of God. Perhaps a handful of God is all that we handle”.
This quote is taken from the reflecting that came from our Lectionary Leaning blog this week, and it touched a chord for me – it illumined my rambling thoughts and brought some things into focus.

 I am beginning my mid week musing today (Thursday) because this week has already been so full. I chose the scriptures and general theme on Monday, using Matthew and Exodus. (Exodus 24: 12-18; Matt 17: 1-9)

I have been thinking about Moses, Peter, James and John and how their lives were totally transformed because they had a personal relationship with God... in a pillar of fire, and in a humble man. Totally different experiences but totally the same too, because they were changed beyond measure.
And each was changed in different ways and at different rates and to different degrees.

My thoughts are moving now to how we all can be transformed by the touch of God in our lives…. Known and unknown; obvious and subtle; on our own or in a crowd... God will use whatever the circumstance to touch us – those mountaintops are all over... real and imagined!  

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