Thursday, 13 March 2014

Psalm 51 Lent #6

Last night during our evening worship we read from this Psalm, and a distant memory was stirred. I worked this interpretation of the psalm sometime in the late 1990s... And it has been tucked away in the back of my bible ever since. 
In this season of repentance, owning our failings, as the psalmist does, is a good thing, it helps us to be honest with ourselves, and with God. 

Psalm 51

Have mercy on me O God
I know your love will never leave me,
I ask that your compassion will wipe away my sins
Wash away all my wrongdoing 
Cleanse my guilty heart

I know my transgressions
My sin is always there to remind me
Against you O God have I sinned
And what I have done is is evil in your sight
When you speak, you are right
When you judge, there is justice.

I am sure I was born sinful
Even from when I was conceived.
I know you desire truth deep within
And your wisdom teaches my soul

Cleanse me O God and I will be truly clean
With your washing I will be whiter than the snow
Because of you I will hear joy and gladness
What is crushed by sorrow will rejoice
Please turn your face away from my sinfulness 
Wipe away my guilty feelings

Put a pure heart within me O God
Make my spirit steadfast again
Do not turn me away from you,
Or take your Holy Spirit away.
Give me back the joy that comes in your salvation
And feel me with a willing spirit 

I will show your ways to others
And they will cone back to you
Save me from my guilt O God,
You are the God who saves me,
And I will sing aloud of all your goodness.
O God, if you open my lips, they will,always praise you.

My sacrifices are not what you seek
No outward show will please you,
But my broken pride, my humble heart,
These are what you desire O God,
And in your pleasure we will make
Righteous offerings to you, and there will be
Great delight.

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