Monday, 17 March 2014

Taking sabbath rest Lent Week 2 #9

Traditionally many clergy take Monday as their day off, the clergy Sabbath follows the working weekend.
Personally I like to take Fridays off, I spend Monday on paperwork and filing (great theory) and forward planning  the week and following Sunday
Then the rest of the week will be filled with visiting, attending meetings, chatting to people in person and on the phone... 
Maybe visiting school or nursing homes 
Conducting funerals
Talking to families about baptism and couples about weddings
Life is never boring!
This week is different
This week I am taking some leave
In a little while, I shall finish packing my bag and set out on a road trip
Up north
To catch up with friends
To take some rest 
And to relax a while
Time for proper Sabbath Rest
Time to think and pray and reflect
And to walk along the beach

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