Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothering Sunday 4th in Lent

It is a grey damp morning
Not one for remembering sunshine and laughter...
And yet that I'll do.
As I muse on this Mothering Sunday I reflect on the phone conversation I anticipate with my mother today... I am a grown woman now, with grown up sons of my own, but still this day I remember I am a daughter too.
Her first born
And God's precious child too
As is she
I reflect on all that she gave me, as she raised me:
A strong sense of the presence of God in our lives.
A strong sense of the importance of family
Not just Mum and Dad and my siblings, but the wider family too: aunts and uncles and cousins, my grandparents. And the place they all played in our family as I grew up.

As the years go by, and the years mount
Things change, physically, emotionally, some things are easier to bear than others
But this I know, as much today, as I did back then
She gave me life
She taught me well
She shared her faith
And she helped me to be who I was meant to be
Thank you. Mum
I love you! 
Mum, in her garden on their Golden Anniversary Weekend, 2009

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