Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Big Day

Tomorrow is a big day
That's capital B capital D
It's a day of reckoning that has resonated
In harmony and in dissonance 
It has sent ripples across a pond
Ripples that have touched myriad others
Others with no direct stake in proceedings
But nonetheless it has struck a chord
So that people who live in far flung corners feel they too have a stake
They too wish to express their opinion, or support, or indeed their opposition 
Such is the influence, the image of our wee country
That folks all around the world feel connected
Deeply connected to us
So, tomorrow when we make our decision
When votes are cast, not in election, but in referendum
All the world will watch and wait with us.

Tomorrow will come and go
And the excitement of the moment will pass
Then begins the real work
The work of bridge building
Of hopes and dreams, realised or dashed
For every happy one there will be a sad one
For every relieved one there will be an astonished one
For everyone there will be a new start
Because of tomorrow all will change
Mibees aye, or mibees naw 
Makes no odds

For aye or naw there will be work to do
We are who we are
And that we still shall be
We will still be in Scotland
We will still be Scottish 
We will still live with neighbours and friends and colleagues 
who view the world differently to us
And we will still be one nation
One nationality
With one hope
One love
One God
United yet unique
Just like everyone else 
Hold onto that thought
Pray for the unity of our nation
This day and all days 

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