Friday, 19 September 2014

The Morning After

The morning after the night before 

I did not have the resilience of some of my friends, 
I retired at around 3.30am 
The result seemed clear
And the pundits were out in force
And my eyes were heavy

This morning, just a few hours later
as the final call came in
When the result was confirmed
I watched history in the making
We were asked to respond
And respond we did
What an amazing thing has happened!
The country was engaged in the process
People stood up to be counted
For finally they believed that their voices really do matter
Finally they were prepared to make a mark
To stand up and be counted
And overwhelmingly the majority joined in
It was a new experience for many
It was an opportunity to really engage
And that made me proud!
Proud to be British, proud to be an adopted Scot
I may not have been born here
But it takes more than being born in a place to establish identity

No. Is an answer
For many it is not the answer they sought, dreamed of, hoped for
But it is an answer
Now the die is cast
And the work begins
Forward we go, united as One country
United in hope for a future that will be better,
Better working together
Better sharing together
Better talking together
Together moving forward to make a better future
Full of hope
Full of resilience 
Driven by the desire to be reconciled, so that we can 
Build a better Scotland
A better Britain
A better nation - together. 

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