Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Five Favourite Places

Over on the RevGalBlogPals blog, Today’s Friday Five from "3dogmom" asks: 
If someone told you they were coming to your city/state/country for the first time, what five things would you recommend that they be sure to see or do? 

I live in Scotland; now down in the borders, so just a few miles from England. Previously I lived up in the North East of Scotland, which is where my heart still lies really... 

Here is a photo journal of five of my favourite places to visit... 
first  is Findochty on the North East coast (pronounced Finechty!) where I have a lovely little house above the harbour to one side, and this wonderful beach to the other.  

 This is the beach at Earlsferry on the Fife coast - my heart really does belong to the sea 
 No one should visit Scotland without trying to set aside time to go to Iona - I could have used a picture of the Abbey, but this wee close and ancient post box warm my heart every time I see them!
 You must visit our capital city too! This is Prince's Street  Gardens in the heart of Edinburgh 
and this is Loch Ard near Aberfoyle in the Trossachs... such beauty!!! 


  1. Oh, you lucky girl! Scotland is my favorite place in the world, and you've shared some wonderful places. I agree, Iona is not to be missed! Scotland holds vast treasures to warm and stir the heart and soul. Thanks so much for sharing your special places!

  2. Living vicariously...thanks


  3. Thanks for posting these beautiful scenes.