Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Advent 17

was rooting around in a box of kitchen things
The box is labelled stuff
Things that were boxed up when my kitchen was being upgrade this summer
Things that have not been needed, mostly until now.
I was looking for tins for mince pies, the cake board, the pastry cutters... 
All the stuff we only need at this time of year.
In the box I also found a little green box.
Oh! How I have searched for that box!
I turned the house upside down looking!

This is it: 

She is our granddaughter, such a source of Joy!
I bought an alternative one to post last week
So, today decided it should go on my tree
So that, even though she lives across the ocean
She is here too
The tree a simple reminder of what lies in our hearts

Sweet child
Source of Joy
Symbol of Love 

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