Monday, 22 December 2014

Advent 22

Nearly there! 

O God of deep mystery
and deeper meaning
in all this busyness hold us
calm us
touch us
heal us
show us... 

Show us the imperfect is OK
Remind us that the world is not perfect
Has never been perfect 
That THIS is why you sent your Son

Into the imperfect world he came
arriving in times of unrest and fear
And into that same world
he will come again... 

But for now
We wait 
And, we prepare as we are able.

Holy God
Bless us in these last days of Advent
So we may be prepared - as we are
to Greet you
to allow you in
to our hearts and minds
bless and sanctify us
where we are
so we may let you enter 
and we may receive

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Julie for this beautiful, timely prayer. Christmas blessings in abundance to you in it and through all the madness of the next few days. x