Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The slaughter of innocence

Whose God is this?

O God of all nations, all people
O hope for the future
What kind of madness is this?
What pain?
What despair?
What motives can drive men to be so violent?
How can this be a holy war?
Slaughtering innocents
Killing innocence 

Those who witness watch on in horror
Minds numb, hearts stopping, voices silent.
We whisper, how can this be?

The mindless slaughter of innocent lives
In the name of any God
Cannot be countenanced
On any level
By any faith, or none.

Holy God  countless mothers and fathers,
Brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles
Friends and neighbours cry out
To their God
To our God
To any God who will listen

Hear those prayers
Hear our prayers
Take the groaning of our souls
And turn it to words of grace we pray

As innocence dies
And innocents die.
Bless those who mourn.
And give wisdom and grace to those who seek to respond

Holy God
Holy God
Holy God

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