Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Song on the Wind

There's a song on the wind this morning
Haunting melancholy
It drifts towards me
Snatches of an unknown song
New to me but older than time

As I look across the Sound
All along the sand bar they lie
Basking in the morning sunshine
And calling, singing to each other
Their mournful song 

Their bodies glisten in the sun
Too many for me to count
Too distant to pick them out
I am simply aware of them
And their voices 

Carried across the bay
To my vantage point on the cliff top
From time to time there is a splash
As one or other goes for a swim
So inelegant on land
So graceful in the water

O seals! Thank you for your morning song
Which comes to me on the wind

O God! Thank you for this quiet
This solitude
This opportunity to
Recharge and renew
On this Holy Isle 

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