Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lucky Guys

Reflection for Pentecost based on 1 Corinthians 12: 3-13

People, people, listen to me
This is Paul speaking here, and I really want you to listen, concentrate!! You need to understand something...
It’s not you who calls Jesus Lord
At least not by yourselves!
If it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit, the Helper, the counsellor that Jesus himself promised to leave for us, if it wasn’t for the Spirit we’d be nothing!
We’d know nothing
we’d have nothing...
Understand me when I tell you it’s the Spirit that does it
Everything you have and everything you are comes through that Spirit
And there’s something else too
The Spirit is for all of us!

Old and young; slave and free; men and women; Jews or Greek... all are the same as far as the Spirit is concerned
The Spirit gives you gifts to use and share
And every gift is of equal value to the others
Just as every person is of equal value to the others
Jesus Christ is our head
And we are all part of his body

When you see the swallows fill the sky swooping and flying high... it looks like one huge mass, but we all know that there are hundreds, thousand of them; flying together; supporting each other; shielding each other; united as one...
So are we too

All you little ones – you are part of us
All you ancient ones – you are part of us
You slaves – you are part of the big picture too
And you foreigners – you’re in!!!
Whoever, wherever, whenever – in the unity of the Holy Spirit and the power of Jesus Christ, created by the Father, we are all together part of our God’s human family.

So, no more divisions!
No more fighting!
No more refusing to share!
We are together
We are one

Celebrate it!! 

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