Thursday, 5 June 2014

Wisdom of the Spirit

Many years ago - around 20 I think... 
I attended a Pentecost gathering with my Dad
I was a parent of young children - in my 30s
he was in his 60s 
we were sharing a church experience that was not traditional worship for the first time together... 
after some praise songs, we listened to the story of Pentecost again... 
the rushing wind; the tongues of fire; the outpouring of the Spirit.... 

we were in small groups and asked to spend some time talking about the Pentecost Day - and to speculate on whether it could happen again... 

the discussion went round the circle

and folks talked about all sorts of ideas, and propositions
until finally my dear Dad, looked at everyone and said:
"Why on earth would it happen again?
Didn't Jesus promise that the Spirit would come - and stay?
Why would it happen again?
The Spirit is already here?!"

I love my Dad!!!

Me, Dad and my sister....

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