Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer in Scotland

Lush green grass
Full of potential
Brilliant blue skies, punctuated by occasional clouds
The dawn chorus begins too, too early
It's summer in Scotland

Occasional showers keep the land green and fresh
The high street is decorated with bunting, and flags
There are folks drinking in the square
Sitting outside the pub
Enjoying the evening warmth
It's summer in Scotland 

The last week of June
Chaos is school
Papers stacked
Books sorted, tidied, returned
T shirts signed... Tears shed
Counting down the last few days
It's summer in Scotland 

In the garden crops are swelling
Lush red strawberries
Sweet juicy rasps
Pea pods filling, courgettes swelling
Tomatoes setting
It's going to be another bumper year
It's summer in Scotland 

Loving the weather
And the season
Sharing the joys of the sunshine and showers
Revelling in the beauty of the Creator's handiwork
It's summer
In Scotland 

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