Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Anticipating Advent...

Oh LIFE!!!! 

Sometimes it sucks
and sometimes it does not go at all the way we anticipate... 

Those who know me well know that over the past few months I have been balancing personal issues alongside parish work. And that a few curve balls got thrown into the mix. 

Like - Sunday past was going to be my wedding day.

But it didn't happen.
Life; the legal system and some technicalities got in the way; and the day was postponed - for the third time. 

SO - life is a little sucky right now. 

The wedding will happen. 
We await due process within the court system as, at last, every possible paper is signed and sealed; every arrangement in place and in due course - my beloved will be free. 

I fear I will be glad to see the end of 2015 - even though there have been some wonderful times and much fun, it is overshadowed by the death of my beloved father and the stress of trying to follow due process to enable my wedding to take place. 

December is probably the worst month in the year for me - I find the short days, the encroaching dark, the gloom and greyness to be overwhelming. I crave light. Desperate for sunshine and warmth. The grey of the sky matches my mood. 

The one bright hope of December is Advent.
When my boys were wee, there was a strict rule about not getting the tree and the lights up too early. But this year I am seeking that light right now.

So the tree and the lights will go up this weekend - and I will bring light into my darkness.
reminding myself - Light came into the world, and the darkness cannot put it out.


Shines in the Darkness

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