Friday, 4 December 2015

Friday Five - Distractions...

Over at Rev Gals today's Friday Five - in acknowledging the madness that is  Advent, the world and the universe just now...  3dogmom asks - what do you do for distraction?
What a great question! 

Regular readers of my blog know that I've been feeling a little low recently... (if you want to catch up see here )

So distractions have been uppermost in my mind... 

First and foremost, to lift the blue: getting outside; fresh air; daylight; some exercise; just makes all the difference.

Second: this one will come into its own on Wednesday next! The DOG!!!!! At the moment I'm visiting with her... but on Wednesday she's coming home permanently, and I can hardly wait. She will make sure #1 will happen daily... but she will also provide some much yearned for companionship through the day. 

Third: reading; when I actually make time for it, I just get lost deep in another world. Currently I am reading "Miss Carter's War" by Sheila Hancock - it begins in 1949 - and currently we have got to the 1970s. It's an intriguing and absorbing read. 

Fourth: my major distraction right now is thinking about my wedding; planning food, designing stationery, looking at pretty dresses, finding sweet gifts for the precious friends who are helping me stay sane during the uncertainty - it is the most organised wedding in the world that doesn't have a date yet!

Fifth: food - I love to bake, and cook and create in the kitchen - it both distracts and relaxes me. I have various food intolerances, so creating and finding substitutes is challenging, but ultimately very satisfying. 

Bonus: writing! Blogging, or journalling; for Advent I am using Advent in Narnia by RevGal Heidi Haverkamp... really finding nuggets of inspiration there! 

Even on a cold, misty morning it's food for the soul!

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  1. Sorry for the blues you're experiencing, but grateful for you that you have causes for joy (DOG! and wedding. I'm totally a dog person, not that I don't also love weddings and love and stuff). I think winter has its own holy emptiness to offer, so my prayer is that it blesses you in its own, mysterious, Adventy way. Thanks for playing today.