Friday, 23 March 2012


I was minded today of the way we use languange:
in fact - just the very fact that I said "I was minded" - now that is a Scots way of saying something came to mind.
I am not Scottish by birth
more by adoption
I have lived here for almost 23 years, in another five years that will be more than half my life; to those who live here I still sound English; to the English I sound more Scottish
To others again - they cannot work it out!

Sometimes something is so familiar that we forget its meaning
Words that trip off the tongue without a second thought
Language - spoken & unspoken
familiar and unfamiliar
loving and compassionate - or destructive and cruel
So much it can do.

We use words often when we pray
but sometimes it is simply the cry from the depths
we use words fmailiar, known by heart
and we use words familiar but reworked
Doric is the language of the North East (of Scotland) I think it is particularly beautiful

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  1. ahhh sins, and songs, of the tongue... similar themes today Julie L)