Monday, 19 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I write on Monday morning, but take this as Sunday night! After a busy blessed day I gave in and went to bed very early!
Yesterday was Mothers' Day in the UK.
Mothers' Day is a commercial re-invention of something that had long been a Lenten Tradition, introduced in late Victorian Britain, when boys and girls, working in service were allowed home from the "Big House" on the middle Sunday of Lent, not to visit their mother, but to visit their Mother Church!
It was actually referred to as Mothering Sunday, so that each one was able to be in their home church. An additional circumstance was that they were also able to visit the family home - and Mum, and as they walked along collected spring flowers to show their love and affection.
Over the year's the emphasis on the Church has waned, and the selling of cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates has escalated into the money-making frenzy we now have.
I love my sons, and was delighted to see them yesterday, but we don't need a special day to share the love - we have that anyway
we love
we are loved
Love comes from the heart
and the depths of the soul
it is a Godgiven Gift
Praise Him!

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