Monday, 5 March 2012

oh dear what can the matter be......

This morning I took a regular trip up to Edinburgh for a couple of meetings; this trip takes 40 mins to park & ride & a 40 min bus run. It's relatively hassle free.... but instead of leaving in good time I decided to do a little multi-tasking: post office/ emails/ phone calls...
not until I was ready to leave did I factor in frost on car and the fact that tank was running empty! Unfortunately my leave time was already 10 minutes later than planned - oh dear

On arriving at P & R I was delighted & relieved to see the reception/ toilet still open (it closes after rush hour) so nipped in to the Ladies....

on departing Ladies to my horror I witnessed the shutters descending slowly..... and the old nursery rhyme came to mind
"Oh dear what can the matter be
two old ladies stuck in the Lavatory" -
mercifully there was a man pushing buttons to operate said shutters - and to release me - just as my bus pulled in to the stand

there's cutting it fine and there's plain silliness
I'll leave you to decide!

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  1. I can SO relate to this. I work out where I need to be when and then foget to factor in the weather and so end up in the wrong place at the wrong time so often. you have a great way of expressing it all that makes it so entertaining and so vivid for the rest of us. Thank you for making me smile!