Thursday, 12 April 2012


What is up there?
Shall we look?
Shall we climb the rocky path to see?
Seeking answers, seeking clarity in all our questions...
*as they gave up hope and walked away to Emmaus
*as Thomas listened to his friends babbling and chattering
*as the discples listened to the hysteria of the women...
as we consider all these stories, and their absurdity
we seek to see for ourselves, to touch that remote and far off thing
to know, deep inside, for ourselves the truth of the cry
Jesus is Risen!
what does it mean for you?
What does it mean for me...
He lives on in heart and mind and soul
inspiring the faithful
comforting the lost
challenging the reluctant
and showing us the way
Come!! Let's climb the rocky ways together and see where life will take us!

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