Monday, 30 April 2012


A productive couple of weeks; I didn't read all of the books I took with me (to be honest that would not have been possible!) but I did take time to reflect, to think, to consider the future - on a personal level and in the way my ministry is developing. 
All of which were goals I had set for myself.
 Taking the time at Dunkeld - Silence and Solitude and reflecting on what Pilgrimage is and can be 
 Taking time to read, to think back over my first year in my country charge, to consider now what we could be doing to glorify God, to excite and encourage those who have fallen away from the church, and to reach out and inspire those who have no connection at all.
 Letting my imagination run, and be inspired by the Spirit to imagine the possibilities: 
 I have ideas now 
 I have things to try 
 outlines to pad out 
 and inspiration to bring about some of the things that have been bubbling away in the back of my mind 
 One of the greatest joys has been worshipping in different places - during the days at Dunkeld of course, and then on each of the Sundays I was away visiting congregations I haven't seen for a year or so - always so good to be fed and nourished - thank you Andrew and Shuna! 
 and so now to return. I must journey from north to south.
 Tomorrow back to the desk, to catching up with two weeks worth of mail and village life 
 I return refreshed, renewed and ready

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