Thursday, 5 April 2012

Maundy Thursday

A Prayer for Maundy Thursday Communion

Tonight we give you thanks and praise
Loving God
We remember tonight Jesus sharing a last supper with his companions
Laying aside his garments
Taking a towel and pouring out water and kneeling at the feet of his friends to wash away the dust of the day; and the stain of all sin

We remember Jesus taking bread and wine, the things of every day and setting the apart from all ordinary use to the most mysterious and wondrous use of all

Tonight we break bread together, fruit of the earth, work of human hands; we pour out wine, and share the fruit of the vine, crushed and flowing out a rich red symbol of all you did for us in Jesus; this we do as he told us to do and as every generation since has done, remembering him and this Holy Night
We praise your name
Your grace permeates our world
Turning despair into hope
Transforming pain into peace
Lifting your faithful people form sorrow into joy
If only we were more appreciative more responsive to your Spirit’s prompting
Tonight we remember the holiness which emptied itself out in bitter betrayal and abandonment at Gethsemane accepting the cup as the disciples slept
With your words ‘not my will but yours Father’
In gratitude and thanks for your selfless love in Jesus we praise your name

Come to us now in the power of the Holy Spirit and as Christ blessed the bread and wine on that first night so bless us now as we gather here in this place:
May we sit at his table
Share in His feast
Offer ourselves in service
And look forward to the fullness of eternity

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