Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why did you Judas?

Judas, what were you thinking?
Judas, what did you do?
What was your motivation Judas?
Did you want your dream come true?

Judas, what did you think?
That he’d come with his heavenly band?
And then what Judas did you expect?
From the man who took to the stand?

Judas – you wanted to bring it all right
You wanted to see God change it all
Instead all you did was betray him
And sent your friend to his earthly pall

What did you do Judas?
Oh tell me please, tell me now
God needed someone to do it
But why Judas, did you know how

It would pain him, and tear him apart
Before all the trials began
He loved you just as you were Judas
A keen and a righteous man

Why did you do it Judas?
Did you think it would make all things right?
You went to your master and teacher
And then ran off into the night

And when it was over Judas
What did you go and do then?
Did you really know so little
Of the plans God had for men?

Oh where did you go then Judas?
In the darkest night of your soul
If you’d only waited a little
His forgiveness was there for all

Yes, even for you, precious Judas
Who acted within God’s whole scheme
Jesus death was for all who knew him
All those who hope and who dream

Where did you go to Judas
When you did that deadly deed?
Was Jesus waiting there for you?
A bruised but not broken reed.

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