Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Vision

I am now into week two of study I have read a couple of new (to me) books - Brian McLaren which have stirred something - still trying to work out what that something is Today I have revisited a book that first inspired me as an undergrad in 2002; it is an old book(relatively -1992) but still it speaks to me and moves me to my very first inklings of a pastoral ministry Raymond Fung: The Isaiah Vision: the concept that a community comes together through being motivated to work together for the good of all. in his introduction he suggests that the Isaiah Vision will "make sense of Christianity to those who are not interested in Jesus Christ" (p.3)
the Vision is simple: Children do not die Old people live in dignity those who build houses live in them those who plant crops eat the fruits (Is 56:20-23)
Surely this is one of those blatantly obvious, eternal truths? The Isaiah Vision is a fresh today as it was when first written (either 1992 or even 8th century BC?!)

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