Tuesday, 22 May 2012


So we get to Tuesday; for me the morning began well, singing in the choir made me happy!

Then the business began! First report The Guild. Never underestimate the Guild! This amazing group of women (and men) is celebrating its 125th anniversary it has, in the past three years raised almost a million pounds for their projects - in the depths of recession no mean feat. The report was inspiring and gave a snapshot of the work, the friendships, the hopes and aspirations and it was a great tribute to teamwork and dedication...

From the Guild (at one point referred to "at your age") to the Youth Assembly. The young..... the enthusiastic ..... those who are not afraid to ask questions, not afraid to probe and, in their level of preparedness those who put many of the rest of us to shame. Their report is of the business of their own assembly which takes place in the late summer each year. It takes a similar form to the GA with debates and deliverances, and in turn informs some of the questions they ask of the council reports. To see these young adults addressing the assembly, challenging and questioning is a wonder, and an inspiration and gives us great hope for the church in the years to come.

In total contrast the rest of the day was Review & Reform and then Mission and Discipleship. Here will be plenty others to comment on that.... suffice to say I popped up and asked a couple of questions about publishing. But mostly what could have been controversial simply wasn't. Reports were received; questions asked; amendments proposed and the day passed.

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