Friday, 18 May 2012

A week of meetings

Getting ready to go to the General Assembly: a week of debate, reports, some fascinating and stimulating, others not.
It's a week I look forward to when it is my turn.
In the past few weeks I've heard a whole range of responses to it: from it's boring and tedious, to I love it - and everything in between
And it has got me thinking - when I was ordained amongst all those vows was one to play my full part in the life of the church...
And I guess for some that one is less important than some of the others.
But actually we aren't given to choose which vows we honour and which we avoid.
One of the others should be printed out and taped up in front of every one- we promised to be cheerful friends!!!!!!!
So I am looking forward to this week.
It will be long.
It will have moments of joy and moments of despair.
There will be lots of chances to catch up with old friends, and make new ones and put faces and names together at some of the group meals we have organised between us
But most of all it will be a week when church people come together, to worship together, to sing God's praises and to seek His will for the future of our church- what's not to like?!

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