Saturday, 19 May 2012

Love as Jesus Loves

In China there is an amazing group of people who work together under the banner of Love Never Ends...... In the Assembly Hall today we heard about real, Awesome God given, God inspired love in action...... And we debated about whether the church's vision statement should be expanded to include the phrase "Love as Jesus Loves" The motion was defeated which on the surface sounds pretty terrible.... The church doesn't want to love like Jesus?? Actually that's not what was concluded - it was more about not changing the vision statement without thinking about how it should be re-worded to include love. Love. We're not good at expressing it... We're not good at showing it.... We have this vague notion that people will know they are loved through instinct or telepathy.... But I am sure you know that telepathy is NOT one of the gifts of the Spirit!!! We love... It is in our Christian DNA but actually we need to remind ourselves and others about what love in action is really about.... Loving sacrificially, unconditionally, in a Christlike way..... That is what we are about.... I for one think it's time we stood up and said so

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