Friday, 25 May 2012

Misty morning

Friday dawns, the lovely views of last evening obscured by thick mist and what looks suspiciously like rain.
The forecast implies this will lift and the sunshine return....
Can we say the same of our church I wonder?
What can we say about the 2012 assembly?
The Bogle Assembly?
Or as he referred to it yesterday "the alleluia assembly"

Our country is in the depths of recession, and has been for the past four or five years. We could I'd say, think the same of our church.
We have argued amongst ourselves, we have fallen out and made up. Some people have felt so marginalised and undervalued they have left, others have felt the same but felt all the more determined to stay and to ensure that the church remains broad, remains constant to its commitments to share the gospel and minister to all God's people.

The Assembly is one of our constants, the third week of May sees 800 church people descend on the capital, to listen to reports of what the church is doing, and wants to do. It can be a very dry time. There are pockets of wonder, of emotion, of excitement and hope. And there are also hours of talk, talk, TALK!!

This has been a dry, subdued week. There have been moments that lift the day - more than moments, there have been times when the assembly has felt moved, lifted and encouraged. But I strongly suspect that the overall impression looking back will judge it rather dull. And I for one, am a little disappointed at that. Because (as I said a week ago) I love it!

We witnessed due process
We shared in decision making
We will send a message home that the church is looking to the future
We will send a message home that the church is "Live and Well"
We must live in the moment, not in the shadow of years and decisions to come
I love God, and I love the people he has placed in my care, time for us to look forward, in hope, in love, to 'listen for the gospel.....'

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