Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pomp and Ceremony

One of the things I love about the UK is the way we can embrace things.
As I write I am watching live TV link of the arrival of the Olympic Flame at the start of the relay It's 7am and there are hundreds of people waiting to cheer it on its way
Over the next few weeks this symbol of peace (for that it its original purpose) will travel up and down the land. June 14th will see it come through our little village
And over the time 8000 different people will be flame carriers
We are good at ceremony
We are good at pageantry
We enjoy the spectacle and the opportunity to come together
In a couple hours I'll be at an entirely different but no less special ceremony
The start of the General Assembly is heralded by trumpets and brights uniforms
There are hats and medals and ribbons
It is a stirring ceremony
More than 800 voices will raise the rafters of the assembly hall as we sing hymns and psalms
It will be a good day

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