Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Taking the commission

As I sit in my hotel room looking out over the capital city this morning I am reflecting on the week so far and the days still to come.
Today we will hear from the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. He will be the guest speaker of the Ecumenical Report and I am looking forward to that. Later on we will hear the ministries report which will I suspect challenge a few of the commissioners.

But, the biggest part of my reflecting, has been about what it means to accept your commission - and use it. The last time I was a commissioner the end of the day brought a half empty hall. Not this year! The need to log in it seems has been effective. People queue up to speak, to commend, to criticise, to ask questions and to take an active part. And yet, still not everyone speaks or takes part. (this is most likely a good thing - we'd never get home!)

There is a quietness about assembly this year. Maybe it's the content. The lack of serious controversy. Maybe it's the Moderator - Albert, who is simply being himself! He is relaxed, he looks like he's having fun, I guess some folks will think he's too relaxed, but actually I think it gives the gathering a different tone, and I rather like it!

Time to get organised and go up the Mound to do today's diligence....

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