Thursday, 24 May 2012

End in sight....

The penultimate day
Exhaustion is now really setting in! In any one week I may go out a couple or even three evenings, and will work long days talking, leading, reading, but I do not ever get as tired as I do in Assembly Week.
The difference is many things. At assembly first, I am not at home, with all my own things around me, and at home, I am easily able to go walk in my garden, stretch cramped muscles, and take a breather. Not so at assembly!
I have walked more this week than normal (and still I forget to bring REALLY comfy shoes!) and sitting in the assembly hall is not comfortable for hours and hours on end.
Add into that mix the opportunity to catch up with friends, to socialise, to make connections, mean the evenings have been filled with dinners (I know hard life!!) and late nights.
So today at the sixth day, the body is really beginning to protest - and yet!

Today's the day we will feel our hearts swell and the emotions stir as we acknowledge the work done by the chaplains of HM Forces. The sight of them in the hall is in itself stirring. But hearing personal stories and knowing that these men and women have such an important supportive role moves the soul.
Time to get going then!!

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