Monday, 21 May 2012

Dull? Not really.....

Today was an interesting sort of day, not that it necessarily looked like it on face value. and Society is always an interesting report and the issues surrounding poverty, debt and injustice are far from tame.... The debates were challenging - we cannot overlook the increasing burdens of debt and the resulting consequences which often lead to homelessness and violence - and yet in all of this there was, amongst all of this deep and difficult discussion a sort of weariness - as though we all know the problems, but feel often that we are utterly helpless in seeking ways to find solutions. And yet it was clear from the passioned comments and questions that all through the land there are groups of people striving to respond in a loving and pragmatic way. Not just standing on the sidelines and hand wringing but actually rolling up their sleeves and doing something....
The scope of the Council's remit is huge - from home based issues to the wide reaching response to the segregation and partiality there is in Israel/ Palestine.... Yet in all of this there was lone voice calling out for balance for an equality of approach to the undoubted problems in that region.
Anyone who has ever travelled to the Holy Land knows the issues faced by people who find themselves on the wrong side of the wall.. .. No it is never simple; it is never one side right and the other wrong, but there does need to be a voice to speak out for the voiceless and the people of Israel have a bigger and louder voice than the Palestinians ever will - at least for the foreseeable future anyway... thus ended the day, wee had sat and listened and debated for almost 9 hours (with a brief respite for lunch) was the day dull? Not at all! Long yes. Dull never!!!

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