Sunday, 2 November 2014

Family time

Today is November 2nd
It isn't quite my birthday, that comes in two days
But last night I had a birthday party and for the first time on well over a year all my children were together under one roof.

And it was wonderful!
We were joined by half a dozen others, and we had a fun night! 
This morning, I am up early as today (after church!) is Fake Christmas! 
George and Elle (on the right of this picture) will soon return to Canada, to Vancouver, and I'll be back with FaceTime conversations, instead of real life ones! 
I love my sons.
I love that they have grown into lovely young men
That they can socialise with all generations
That they are happy... really happy with their lives
My prayers had always been that they would find what they wanted in life, and for the most part, they have.
One is a gardener
One is a brewer
And one is a musician
And two have found the love of their lives (the third gets prayers for that!) 

I feel so blessed
My family is here
And I am content
Praise the Lord!

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