Friday, 21 November 2014

The Black and White Challenge

Over in Facebook land there's a cute challenge going on - it's called the Black & White Challenge, the idea being to pick favourite pictures - of people or places that are meaningful to you. 
Now, I happen to be the custodian of a whole box of Black & White pictures, which I have been meaning to catalogue.
Some came from my mother, and some from her sister, via her daughter, my cousin... 

On FB, I only have to post one a day for five days - how do you choose 5 from over a hundred??? 

Impossible - I led off with a modern one in B&W of me & my sister; then my parents' wedding, and today a family group of the (great) aunts and uncles...

here, especially for my nephew & godson Henry, are a whole lot more, which didn't make the cut! 

 This, is very faded, but labelled on the back Mother & Tom; since I know my grandmother had a younger brother named Tommy, that is who I guess they are - Grandma was born in 1904, her youngest sister was born in 1910, so Tommy must have been sometime in between! 

Below, is a very austere looking lady, whom I believe is the same lady as with "Tommy", so my maternal great grandmother.

I love this family group picture! Left to right, is me, in my grandma's arms, Mum, holding my brother Graham, her brother, Donald (who looks so like my brother does now it's scary!) And my grandpa, who I think must be holding Donald's first born - my cousin David

In total contrast, is this family group! The little girl is my great aunt, my grandmother's sister, Christine, known to us as Aunty Chris; the lady to the left is her mother, and the boy may well be Tommy. The men and the other lady, I do not know
 (though when mum reads this blog she may be able to work it out!)

This little girl is Aunty Chris - clearly on the same day at the photographer as above.
She was born Christmas Day 1910 - so judging her to be between 2-3 it must be around 1913

I will keep scanning! And post part two next week! 

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