Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Midweek musing - Habakkuk and the great lament

What is fair?
What is right?
What is just and seemly and following God's path?

I have watched the news in the last 36 hours with a growing sense of disbelief.
You know something is big when it becomes the lead news story in the UK and it isn't a UK news story.

I have so far resisted reading all the blogs and reflections on this story. Mostly because I wanted to gain my own reflections without influence of others' thoughts. 

This week in our scripture for Sunday we investigate the prophet Habakkuk. 
There are three short readings, which could be summarised thus
Habakkuk, laments the state of the world, and asks God why things are so?
God replies, reminding Habakkuk of what God is doing and how God is always there even when not visible. 
Habakkuk responds: ok God, even when I can't see you, or sense you, or know you, I'm still going to praise you. 

Who knew?! 
The lectionary is put together with no knowledge of what will be happening in the world when each set of readings comes round.
Yet here we are, in a week where injustice and inequality and perversion of facts and  violent responses and hopelessness abounds.
And we read a lament and an assurance that even in the worst of times:
God. Is. There. 

God is there

God is always there
Even when, especially when we cannot sense God's presence. 
God is there

So, like Habakkuk even if the world is lost, spinning out of control, even if the law seems to be biased, contorted, favouring one colour, one profession, one sector more than others.
Even then
When my heart is lamenting
I will praise God.
I. Will. Praise......

Because, what else can I do? 

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