Thursday, 6 November 2014

Is there a book in there?

For today's prompt over on RevGalBlogPals Julia asks, do you have a book in you?

Good question! 
Over the years I have contributed to anthologies; my name has been in print, but I've never written more than a few thousand words... yet the yearning is there. And the older I get, or the more words inhabit my life (or both) the more I am moved to consider The Book... or Books.

A few years ago I toyed with a novel - but it lost direction, it started as a story about a girl... and grew into something else a bit mystery, a bit romance, a bit spiritual.... and in the end it was abandoned.
There is another one in my head, much more analytical, factual, a study into the future of the church as we know it, how to take this church from now to then... it would have been my thesis if I ever got round to that PhD....
And then there is poetry - I could gather all my poems together and create a book from them... that I could do. One day. When I have more time.... 

Do I have a book in me?
Will I ever let it out?
Ah well - that's a different question all together!! 

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  1. Letting out those more personal stories in a book is so daunting! I think part of it is the fear about how others will respond. For some reason blogging doesn't carry that fear with it for me... maybe because I figure people don't read it anyways ;)