Tuesday, 11 November 2014

November 11

this day was a day for solemnity
a day to be with the young at school
and to walk with them
tracing steps 
from school to square

It was a day - not to glorify war
but to remember its true cost
It was a day for the next generation
to realise their role 
as the next generation

It was a day for respect
and honour, and quiet 
It was a day to remember that
there are always two sides
that history is written by the victor
and that pain and loss is indiscriminate

It was a day to remember
because if we forget
Who will speak out?
Who will hold up their hands
and raise the shout, "Stop!!"?

It was a day, today
and yesterday
and Sunday
when we remember the yesterdays
in order to secure the tomorrows

we will remember

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