Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Road trip

So much for writing a little every day... But I have an excuse!
Spending time on the road precludes having time to sit and write anything more than fb updates....
Following the lovely "Fake Christmas" with the whole family we set off on our mini road trip. 
Just me and my Canada Boy.
Quality time.
Chatting about the deep and meaningful stuff.
The road trip took us out of Scotland, into England to my sister.
Then, next morning, on to Wales to my parents

There followed an emotional reunion, and lots of chat.
And another lovely family time....

Those we love
Those who are connected, by blood, for sure. But also by strong ties of shared experiences, bonds that are nothing to do with the blood tie, and everything to do with, love and care and trust and hope and laughter and tears and history. 
And when the bond is passed from generation to generation then it is a wondrous thing to observe.

For me, listening to my boy chat to his granddad, enthusing about his new life across the world in a new country. Hearing them share hopes and dreams, watching  as he showed them pictures of his place, his work, his girl.... I thought my heart would burst! 
Joy and love so deep they hurt
But I wouldn't change it for all the world.

family selfie!

I have just returned from taking him to the train.... 
And I shed a tear as I waved him off.
Next year
Next year....

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