Saturday, 8 November 2014


This is the season of remembering
Remembering the fallen
Remembering those left behind
Remembering the causes and reasons 
Seeking peace through violent means
The greater good
The protection of the innocent 
The desire to serve "King and Country"

It is also time to remember the whole host of saints
Those we've loved and lost
Those we of faith hope to see again
We talk of the other country
The heavenly realm
Using language to bring comfort
To those who have faith, and those who do not
For when the time comes
We have hope
We have memories
We have each other.

This Remembrance Sunday feels more significant
One hundred years
Ten decades since the start of That War...
The one that would be over by Christmas (it wasn't)
The one to End All Wars (it wasn't) 
The one, where warfare changed... 
The inventiveness of men and women
Ways and means of killing changed
The decline of one on one
The rise of mass destruction...
Leading to ... 
Leading to horror.

This Remembrance Sunday 
As we remember
The lives we knew
The names we see immortalised in stone
Let us pause
Let us reflect
Not only on those who died one hundred years ago
But fifty years ago
Ten years ago
Last year
This year
This week....
Let us remember
Let us never forget
That lives changed, devastated, in the name of peace
Are priceless

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