Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Singing we gladly worship the Lord!

Today's prompt over at the RGBP blog... 
What's your go-to shower song? (Or other serenade scenario music) Why do you belt this song?

Well... in the shower I sing along to the radio - so whatever is on, I'll sing. This may mean that funny two second delay sing-along when you don't really know the words, so you repeat after you hear them... fine for you, and just terrible for anyone who happens to overhear! 

At other times I sing... well I sing constantly
very often I do not even know I'm doing it, until the check out operator makes a comment about me being cheery; or someone at the bus stop looks over with a grin... in my head I'm singing under my breath! 

Around the house I'll sing my favourite hymns and psalms - as the title of this post implies!
or I'll sing my go to favourites from all sorts of artists, collected together in a book of music I just love! 

Every time we Say Goodbye...what a Wonderful WorldThey can't take that away from meThe way you look tonight... 

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